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In 1990 I had a dream of a string of beads which were a portable altar of my faith as well as the book of wisdom learned by experience, study, and the teachings of my mentors - in particular my maternal grandmother, Fran. The dream hadn't shown me exactly how the beads were strung together but that there were three specific sets intertwined making a type of calendar device. Red, black, white - solar, lunar, and daily - and the scent of roses everywhere. I awoke knowing it was to be called The Godyssey and that someday I would share it with many as a means to discovering the sacred feminine in their lives. But first I had to figure out how it went together and remember what I seemed to intuitively know about the beads while still dreaming. Thus began an adventure that continues to this day.

It took quite a while to configure a single, endless, string of beads. With that finished I turned to my mother for help, as the family beading expert. From a friend came the way of incorporating the scent of roses - she'd just finished a batch of rose beads. The original Godyssey still smells of roses to this day. The meaning of all fifty beads took time to discern. Time spent in reflection in one moment and in the next, absolute panic that I'd never get it right. It was a great lesson in patience. With time the beads organized themselves so that today they work for me in reality just as they did in the dream 20 years ago. Then there had been a woman's hands guiding mine as the beads slipped one by one through my fingers, all the while whispering in my ear. Now it's my turn to share this divine blessing with others. 

 Coming in 2011


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