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Ayna Ravan

I come from a long line of dead people. Very cool dead people. They are a part of me, now, even as I was a part of them back through the ages. I have been blessed to come from some very strong women. Women who have been ever present in my life and made it possible for me to LOVE being female. I have been blessed with a great deal of love and joy and encouragement to seek my own answers to life's riddles. At the age of seven or eight I remember telling my maternal grandmother that I was a witch. She patted my knee as we sat side by side on the couch in her home and said, "I know you are, dear." I didn't think she was taking me seriously and said, "Grandma, I'm a WITCH." She turned full face to me, lifted her eyebrows and looked me in the eye, smiling the whole while and said, "I KNOW you are, dear." Then proceeded to teach me a bit about the tarot. I hadn't expected that!

From my father I learned to listen to the outdoors, who was female and talking to me all the time if I just knew how to interpret the rush of water in a stream or the wind soughing through the treetops. From my paternal grandmother I learned to knit and some 'home remedies' and from her mother I got a lot of good 'common sense'. All with love and laughter. For the difficult times there was tea and sympathy.

And through it all was my maternal grandmother, encouraging me to seek my own path, to study and listen and be careful for there were those that still preferred to burn witches. She didn't say anymore on this topic so I went looking for answers and found them in the library. That began a lifetime of searching to understand how and why such a thing could happen. A lot of anthropology, psychology, and spirituality study.


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